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How the Club is Run

The Brentham Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), run by the members for the members.

The overall responsibility lies with the Club Management Committee, who specifically manage all aspects of the main building and the events within. In addition, they coordinate across the sports sections.

The tennis club is the largest individual section of the Brentham Club and is run by a volunteer Tennis Committee who are responsible for all aspects related to tennis. We have specific sub-committees to manage grounds, coaching, safeguarding and social events.


In addition, many members volunteer to support the tennis committee in running specific events such as Finals day. Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know other members.

Brentham Lawn Tennis Club Committee Members

Frances Macdonald Brentham Tennis Ealing

Frances Macdonald


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Clare Walecka

Membership Secretary

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Gwyneth Hartnett

Junior Secretary

Jean Wilkinson Brentham Tennis Ealing

Jean Wilkinson

Social Tennis & Safeguarding

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Anna Cox

Social Secretary

Janeen Quentin Brentham Tennis Ealing

Janeen Quentin


Guy Fiegehen Brentham Tennis Ealing

Guy Fiegehen


Bozena Tytko Brentham Tennis Ealing

Bozena Tytko

Ladies Captain

Graham Nelson Brentham Tennis Ealing

Graham Nelson


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Liz Mann


Ian Elmsley Brentham Tennis Ealing

Ian Elmsley


Steve Whatley Brentham Tennis Ealing

Steve Whatley


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Toby King

Gents Captain

head silhouette_edited_edited.jpg

Alison King


Safeguarding Sub-Committee

Jean Wilkinson

Sue Townson (non-committee volunteer)

Grounds Sub-Committee

Graham Nelsen

Tony Quentin (non-committee volunteer)

Frances Macdonald

Social Sub-Committee

Alison King

Anna Cox

Alison Guthrie (non-committee volunteer)

Coaching Sub-Committee

Bozena Tytko

Toby King

Gwyneth Harnett

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