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 BLTC Rules on Court Usage

1.​ Membership

Membership of the Brentham Club Tennis Section is required before court access is allowed.

The new season's subscription are due on 1st April each year. 

2. Court Booking Rules

Tiger Turf (TT)Courts and Court 12 (caged court) open from 8am until 10 pm. All have lights, as noted on the court booking system (Mycourts). Grass courts open from May till September, from 9.30-11 am depending on the month, when fit to play. No lights.


2.1 Each member has the right to book in advance up to 1.5 hrs and can invite any other members to play, singles or doubles.

Level 2 and above coaches can book longer period for coaching, but see 6.2 below.

2.2 No pair (if singles) or group of players (if doubles) can play for more than 2 consecutive hrs with the same members.

2.3 You can book an extra hour on the day of play, if courts are available.

2.4 TT Courts can be booked from 4 days in advance (see additional booking rules within MyCourts), except Court 12 which can only be booked on the day, unless you are a coach. Grass courts can be booked days in advance.

2.5 You must cancel your booking if you will not be playing, whatever the reason, as someone else may want the slot. If possible, cancel at least 24 hrs before the start time. Note the 'Cancelled courts alert' option on the booking sheet. The committee will aim to do the same with any block bookings.

2.6 All player names must be added to the booking system, as soon as possible after booking. There should be no single names.  Parent members playing with young junior members who wish to keep their details confidential can choose the option ‘Junior member under 8 yrs’.  

The committee reserves the option to retrospectively charge £2/30mins for any booking which did not have the opponent listed. 

2.7 Play on TT and Court 12 during Peak Hours (Weekdays: 6-9pm; weekends: 8am-6pm)

The following are NOT allowed in peak time:

-personal, external matches, choosing 'external match' as the opponent, which allows free access for the opponent. If such matches are planned during peak times, the opponent must be paid for with a guest fee.

-service practice (max 1 hr allowed in non-peak times).

-coaching of non-members.

- If 2 TT are in use for a group event eg a match or junior group coaching, then no further junior coaching can taker place on the TT.  Ct 12 can still be used.  The head coach is excepted from this rule.

3. Club Times and Social Play


3.1 Club Times


Timings are shown below. Book attendance on Mycourts, under 'Club Sessions'. The aim is to play with a mix of members, therefore pre-arranged pairings is not allowed.

Juniors who are 13 yrs or over, and competent to play with adults (coach opinion) can join Club Time


Please note that Club Times are:

          Thursdays: 6.00pm to 9.00pm

           Sundays:   10.00am to 12.00pm


3.2 In addition to Club Time, there are two Social Sessions on Wednesdays 10 - 12 am and Friday 10 - 12 am, when members may play on a similar basis to Club Time on two courts reserved for the purpose. The Friday morning Social Session is also open to non-members.  These sessions are booked via WhatsApp groups – contact a committee member to be added.


Club and social times may be varied by the committee as circumstances require or as might seem advantageous.

4. Juniors

4.1 Junior members who are beginners, whether playing with other juniors or adults, are asked preferentially to book Court 12 or, if not available, court 7 or 11. They are however allowed on other courts.

4.2 Juniors under the age of 13 years should be supervised by a parent/carer when at the club, outside of any coaching session or camp. This is aligned with LTA guidance.

4.3 Parents can only play with juniors if the parents are members, or as a paying visitor as per the rules below

5. Competition Matches - External Matches

5.1 Anyone who represents Brentham Lawn Tennis Club in any team must be a current member of the Tennis Section and must have a British Tennis membership number.

5.2 External Club matches will have priority over internal tournaments.

6. Maximising Tiger Turf Court Availability

6.1 We endeavour to have at least 2 TT available for member play

6.2 If 3 TT courts are block booked eg for group coaching, or a match, then coaches can book the TT for 1 to 1 lessons only for members. No non-member coaching, due to the high demand for courts. Club Coaches of LTA level 2 and above, who can book courts 7 and 12 for coaching up to 14 days in advance, must in these circumstances and only book 4 days in advance and 1.5 hrs, i.e. on the same basis as all other members.  

6.3 Only members can be coached in the evenings, due to pressure on courts

6.4 The practice hitting wall on Court 12 may not be used after 8pm.

6.5 Avoid late cancellations i.e. please cancel more than 24 hrs of the booking.

7. Grass Courts

Can be booked via MyCourts 4 days ahead.  Please avoid late cancellations on the TT, if you move to the grass.  Ideally make the change at least 24 hrs ahead.

Only 4 of the 6 courts will be in play at any time, the remaining 2 courts being rested on a rotating basis. It should be obvious which are not in play, either because they will have a notice on them indicating such, and/or because the nets are down. Do not put up a net without groundsman agreement.

Courts are labelled 'A-C'  in the booking sheet but these labels do not correspond to the court numbers. For any booked time slot, first to arrive chooses the court they want, second does the same etc. Court 6 is also listed, primarily for juniors and is next to the football pitches.

Note that the grass may be closed with no notice eg if it has rained and they are damp. It is not feasible for the committee to reflect such changes on the booking sheets, so in these circumstances your booking will be lost



7.1 The Head Groundsman or a Tennis Committee Member will determine when the grass courts are playable (please refer to notices placed by the entrance to the grass courts or on the courts).

7.2 Play must cease when the Head Groundsman or a Tennis Committee Member considers the courts unfit for play or when the courts require maintenance.

7.3 Any member of the Tennis Committee can determine whether any grass court needs to be taken out of play and, when appropriate.

7.4 Junior members can book and play on the grass courts. 

7.5 Service practice and prolonged hitting on the grass courts is not allowed (other than a 10 minute knocking-up period prior to playing a set).

7.6 Use of the ball machine on the grass courts is not allowed.

7.7 Junior tournaments will not be played on the grass courts, unless agreed with the Committee.

7.8 Coaching cannot be carried out on the grass courts, with the exception of juniors on Court 6.

The Head Coach may however run junior coaching groups on the grass.


8. Court Etiquette

8.1 Good manners are expected at all times. Please refer to the separate sheet regarding court etiquette.

9. Clothing and Footwear

9.1 For your safety and to avoid damage to the playing surface, appropriate tennis footwear for the hard courts and the grass courts is essential.

9.2 Recognised tennis clothing must be worn on all courts.

10. Club Tournaments

10.1 Every tournament will have a designated Tournament Organiser, whose decisions on all matters relating to that tournament are final.

11. Floodlight Play  ( Tiger Turf and Court 12

11.1 MyCourts will charge members £2/30 mins for lights starting from the first 30 min period in which sunset falls. Lights can be manually turned on and must be turned off after use.

11.2 Court 12 lights may not be used after 8 pm

The committee reserves the right to charge any member at the rates above, for lights used if the court had not been booked.

12. Visitors

12.1 All members are allowed to have visitors

12.2 The visitor fee of £2 per person per 30 min session must be paid when making the booking via MyCourts, selecting 'guest' as your opponent(s). See instructions within the MyCourts booking rules.

12.3 Any individual visitor may play only once during any calendar month. Visitors who wish to play more frequently must join the Tennis Section of The Brentham Club.

12.4 Any member can bring up to three visitors at a time and is expected to play with them in singles or doubles as relevant

12.5 If a member believes he/she has justification for flexibility on the above rules eg a long-distance visitor who wishes to play twice over a weekend, the member must gain approval from a committee member in advance

Note that members who are playing with a guest as part of an official LTA competition do not need to pay a guest fee, if they play outside peak times (see above)

12.6 There are a number of organised sessions during the week that are open to non-members. Attendance by non-members is limited to once a week. These non-members cannot then take advantage of the visitor rule to play once a month in addition.

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