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Facilities and Courts

The Club has 6 floodlit, all weather courts : 5 tiger turf and 1 tarmacadam court, all in excellent condition and available for play from 8 am until 10 pm


The tiger turf courts have become the preferred surface by most members and are used for our internal tournament finals.


The hard court is individually fenced off making it ideal for coaching, and a hitting wall is installed at one end, to support individual play. Note that this wall must not be used after 8 pm, in order not to be a nuisance to neighbours.


We also have 6 grass courts which are open in the summer from  May – September each year, and provide a unique playing experience.


Other facilities

As part of the wider Brentham Club, we have full access to all the amenities within the Club and tennis members can join many of the other club sections at no extra cost, if the subscriptions to those sections cost less than the tennis subscription.


There is a carpark at the front and a bike rack beside the courts


Café : next to the courts, and also open to the public, provides a perfect location to have a coffee after a game or just sit, relax and chat. Members (from 11 yrs)  have a discount on the prices.  There is disabled access to the café.


Bar : members only, except when events are held. The bar is upstairs and includes a balcony with an excellent view of the Bentham grounds, including the courts. A perfect spot for a drink after a match or anytime you are passing by. Adult members have a discount on the prices.


Tennis balls can be purchased in the café and bar.


The Club also has a large hall which is used for multiple social events such as comedy nights or music events, and adult members can buy discounted tickets.


The Club also runs other events for members and non-members, such as a Friday Street Food Night Market and a Sunday Trash and Treasure market, each once a month. Families welcome.

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