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Court Etiquette

In addition to The Rules, please also bear in mind the following points:
  • Entering and Leaving the Courts
    Before you open the gate to
    enter the courts or when you wish to leave the courts, please wait for the completion of the point on all courts that will be affected.

  • Retrieving Tennis Balls from Adjacent Courts
    Please wait for the completion of the point on the affected court(s) before attempting to retrieve a tennis ball that is either behind the other players or on their court.

  • Tournament Entries (availability for Finals Day)
    Members are encouraged to enter the tournaments but you should be aware of the play-by dates and that you must be available for Finals Day.

    This is particularly sensitive in doubles competitions where a late withdrawal lets down your partner - and of course, please remember that every entrant has a good chance of reaching the Finals in the Handicap tournament.

  • Sportsmanship
    All members are expected to show respect for fellow members, visitors, coaches and umpires in all sections of the Club. In particular, during matches, fairness and respect for opponents is an essential part of the ethos of the Club. If there is a written complaint on this topic it will be considered by the Tennis Committee, and action taken if relevant. This can include temporary exclusion from the section.

  • Safeguarding
    The Brentham Club is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run. We strive to minimise risk, deliver a positive tennis experience for everyone and respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns/disclosures.


Team Players

All team members are representing Brentham Tennis Club and are the public face for our Club. Of course there will be times when there are line call queries but these should be handled in a polite and non confrontational manner. Captains must also be welcoming to their opposition and ensure they feel welcome throughout their time at Brentham. As at all times the language used on the court should be appropriate - I'm sure we all know what this means.


As a tennis section we wish to put forward a welcoming, friendly face which encourages fellow tennis members to consider joining our Club.

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